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  1. ...- modest N- natural O- obliging P- passionate , plucky Q- quiet (q我真的想不到太多形容詞...) R- respectful...想不到 Y- 想不到 Z- zealous 你看你不知道哪句的 用法 我再補充

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  2. ...但是卻不能用錯詞性 2012-04-07 19:06:26 補充: make a passionate speech 作熱情洋溢的講話 She had a passion...來輔助, 可能多看你就會多了解一些英文文法上面的通常 用法 2012-04-07 19:10:35 補充: 另外不用 kk 也是可以背單字...

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  3. ... interesting.英文中: play the +樂器 為固定 用法 11. There is a tree near where is he...join the baseball club is I feelthe player's passionate .The reason why I join the baseball club is...

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  4. ...full是形容詞 fill原本是動詞 在這兒改成p.p. 用法 正確 用法 應該說 The students and teachers...s a wonderful place.People there are all kind/ passionate to each other. 8. 你的本文到這兒先說自己嗜好 然後...

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  5. ...a high school student, I've been particularly passionate (crazy 好像太口語了) about online games(你指的是...for me. However, I deeply believe(文言 用法 ) if I’d given up this opportunity I would...

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  6. ...039;m just shy on the outside. Inside, I'm very passionate . 最愛騎著機車到處跑 Hanging around by my scooter...s very relaxing. 上面和下面都可以隨意代換 有任何 用法 上的問題可以再問我喔

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  7. ...珍珠奶茶 這真的是最能代表台灣的飲料了!! Taiwan is a very passionate country! And we have super delicious foods!! (main point) Taiwan...

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  8. ...她實在太美了以致於我被她外表吸引住)      Such a passionate letter did he write that...      (他的信件內容真的很熱情...)

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  9. ... New York Times (29 March 1972) My passionate sense of social justice and social responsibility has always contrasted oddly...

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  10. ...哪個是姓哪個是名. 國家的話一般用"its"來代替就可以了. 很多 用法 是習慣性的問題, 你可以比較一下有什麼不同.

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