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  1. booklet是一個小冊子 pamphlet 也是冊子但是頁數比booklet少 ( pamphlet 多半五頁上下那麼多) brochure是紙一張長長 pamphlet 圖: 其實 pamphlet 和booklet有時我們也...

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  2. A pamphlet about joining the French Revolution (1789) (1)Main...

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  3. ...有限公司~(02)2706-6838產品編號:4894443457產品名稱:Outstanding Small Pamphlet Graphics價格:2,300

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  4. Your dedication must have made the Christmas Charity pamphlet very appealing. I cannot wait to see it! Best of luck...

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  5. ...黑部立山 2009-04-05 16:12:40 補充: 高山市散步地圖 pamphlet /pdf/107115154600-1.pdf pamphlet /pdf/107115154600-2.pdf

  6. ...before importing. 4. The picture of the product on English pamphlet should be a real picture instead of making-up by computer. (in your ...

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  7. 不知是否有專有名詞,我用翻譯的:an application pamphlet for XXX graduate school 2005-12-21 17:11:25 補充: Annie 所說的應該是(規章)而非(簡章)吧!!

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  8. 請參考這個link pamphlets /thesis_statement.shtml 2006-04-06 10:52:45 補充:

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  9. (1) pamphlets /4/index.html 可 download .pdf 檔 (2)

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  10. folder~file~是卷宗的意思 pamphlet ~booklet~brochure~leaflet~是小冊子的意思

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