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  1. ..., come and let’s go for a picnic. ◎九族春櫻八景之櫻 花湖畔 Palisade of Lake Cherry Blossom – one of eight attractionsof ...

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  2. ... damaged to fix to change. Guard's front door, side door palisades and flexible door breakdown maintain. 2007-08-19 23:34:21 補充: 上面的英文是第7.

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  3. ...圍籬,遠眺視野遼闊,心曠神怡。 This area mainly has the bougainvillea palisade which the big exquisite black pine, the Taiwan acacia as well as the former ...

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  4. megaplant = mega + plant 超大工廠 的意思。 整句可翻成 不管怎樣,企管專家或許會指出因為規模是很重要的因素,所以P&G應該建立一個單一的巨型工廠而不是分散生產線。在這兩種選擇之間還有無數的其他選擇。

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