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  1. ...sentimental in many poet's eyes (peot's tear) stars shine with pale light in the sky!

  2. Answer:Owl These pale , nearly worldwide, birds are closely associated with man through...

  3. ... tigris), with a genetic condition that causes paler colouration. The condition is well-documented...have so far been chinchilla tigers with unusually pale stripes. Part of the confusion is due...

  4. Zn(s)+Cu(II)SO4(aq)-->ZnSO4(aq)+Cu(s) solution change from blue to colourless(become paler ),and a copper coating is formed around the piece of zinc

  5. ...hit---hot---cot---cutWords with the same endings : tale---whale---male--- pale ---sale

  6. 殘暴--ruthless , 不仁--heartless 勸諫--to remonstrate 罪狀--a count 怒气沖沖--angry 面如土色--to look pale 瞪--to stare 暴戾--savage

  7. ... I like to read any mystery book though it turns me to a pale look.

  8. BLACK and white = 用文字清楚地記錄下來 8. made him see PALE = 被事情嚇得面如土色

  9. ...flutter from the Temple elms, And at my feet the pale green Thames Lies like a rod of rippled jade by ...

  10. ...spotty有圓點 7.striped有條紋 8.tartan蘇格蘭花格圖案 9.white白色 10.light/ pale blue淡藍色 11.blue藍色 12.violet藍紫色 blue深藍色 14.brown棕色