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  2. ... you are lucky to have a packed one week holidays. pack up =get ready for a journey by doing the packed up of your ...

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  3. The old man has eaten up a pack of apples. 2007-09-16 13:05:38 補充: eat up 意思是吃光或 吃完。整...quot;eat "會有詳盡的解釋關於"a pack of"及"eat up "的意思。

  4. 右面的:取得 Windows XP Service Pack 2,然後update

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  5. sleeping mask 唔記得$135 定 $165咁上下 make up base 好似約係hk的6-7折右左 反而lip gloss就唔係平好多, 約hk$12X, 平...

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  6. 一般呢d travel pack 只係機場禁區內的免稅店有賣, 你可以上航空公司個網頁睇下, 有無的地面取...

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  7. ...a village about forty miles___from____here. Last night, my mother packed up all the things. My grandfather's house _is____a large one...

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  8. ...the goods are packed well. The packed goods will be delivered to the customer soon...last week for my project. Many people queue up outside the restaurant for the free delicious food. It...

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  9. is it Pack Up - Eliza Doolittle

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  10. ... going for a picnic with her/his brother. They packed up their bags which include barbecue forks, newspapers...

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