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  1. 舊金山灣雖然是個大型的天然港,但是這幾十年來,卻遭到西班牙探險家的漠忽視! overlook ~ 忽視、忽略

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  2. 這座建築俯瞰水景與綠地

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  3. 我覺得我自己也蠻容易這樣用的.. In seconds, I was overlooking beautiful Auckland. 哈哈~不知道考試若這樣寫.老師會不會給過? 隨著...

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  4. 是形容人因為 overlook 為人才可以使用的動作, VingP(動詞加ing片語)的目的仍是要使 overlooking 後面變成形容詞的用法to overlook 則會變成爬的目的是為了要 overlook , 會變成副詞片語, 由於climb的目的不是要to overlook , 所以在詞不用to overlook .

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  5. You can overlook the distant mountains from the museum window. 你 可以 眺望...01-04 11:04:00 補充: 修正一下,有一個地方不太對,應該是 You can overlook the distant mountains from the window of the museum.

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  6. ...片語解釋) 3.So we went to the restaurant and sat by a window ( overlooking )the bay. 這裡為什麼不能用 overlooked ? (不是有by?) [說明]The...

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  7. We usually overlook God's existence and even complain why he had to abandon us...he had to ( simple past tense)<------ I guess " overlook " is a better word here.<------- You should...

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  8. ... house was located in an inconspicuous , tranquil little village overlooking the vast sea, where some people earned their livelihood by ...

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  9. denie否認 perhaps the customer has overlooked his monthly statrment .也許是客戶忽略了他的月結單 2015-02-16 17:21:30 補充: 應該是statement才對 2015-02-16 19:15:29 補充: 應該是denied才對,網路上沒有denie

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  10. ...歌詞: I'm looking over a four-leaf clover That I overlooked before One leaf is sunshine, the second is rain Third...

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