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  1. 以我所知, outgoing 呢個字有以下既意思: 外出的;出發的;即將離職的 (a.形容詞) 出發; 出外...你冇上文下理,好難知道佢講緊乜。但我會估係: I need you to be outgoing . 我需要你更外向。 2013-09-15 17:00:43 補充: 唔好意思,我諗你係打錯字...

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  2. 我自己都萛好 outgoing 既女仔, 我地會對朋友好好! 不論男女.. 而我身邊男仔fd 比女仔fd多.. 而且...

  3. ISP blocks other SMTP servers using 25 port except its own SMTP servers. Yahoo and Google use different SMTP port to overcome this problem. So you can use Yahoo account in Outlook...

  4. ... cell A1, input "income" In cell B1, input " outgoing " In cell C1, input "balance" In cell A2...

  5. You are still outgoing but slightly less so : You are still outgoing but a little bit less than before.

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  6. outgoing is 外向 i think you can say "she like to act expressively of herself" you can use boast or show off..but negative... 2007-04-04 12:11:45 補充: betty copy me gei?

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  7. apple. So in this case number 1 is the correct sentence because outgoing is a vowel word and must use "an" instead of "a".

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  8. 1. outgoing 2. read a lot of books 3. understand the world political situation 4. think of...

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  9. 其實你係指salaries tax(薪俸稅)right? outgoing expenses要乎合定義 先可以減得 不是每一種情況都可以扣 圖片 佢個網仲詳細 tax好多section 有section 12 (係 outgoing , self- deduction..) 又有免額額(29)

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  10. not outgoing 性格內向 cannot express oneself(myself,himself,herself) well 不善表達自己 just graduate without working experience 剛畢業沒有工作經驗

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