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  1. 假設原先有A人 60/A.....所有人應當分擔的錢 60/A+2.5.....兩人離去後剩下人要分擔的錢 A-2.....兩人離去後剩下的人 (A-2)(60/A+2.5)=60........剩下的人乘以剩下人要分擔的錢=所有的錢 計算過程省略 A=6(人)

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  2. ..., so I'll be free all the time. I think we can hang out to see a movie, eat lunch , or ... Finally...... I'm truely serious!

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  3. 英文裡沒有 Temporarily out for a meal, 或者 eating out temporarily 這種東西 正確的說法是: Gone to lunch . (或 dinner) For emergencies, please call xxx-xxxx.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2009年06月30日

  4. 隔天,他帶Honoria去吃午餐,在用餐時他們假裝是陌生人般的談話;Honoria已經是位成年女子。走出了餐廳,在路上他們遇到了查理(Charlie) 的老酒友-洛倫(Lorraine Quarrles)及鄧肯(Duncan Schaeffer),他們很熱心地幫...

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  5. ..., but her efforts turned out to be futile. Lucy decided to tell the card... dropped it in the restaurant she ate lunch . So she decided to get back to search for...

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  6. A: The lunch box that tou brought looked delicious. 4Would_____________________________ dinner/with/like/go out /you/ to /me/for/tonight A:Would you like to go out for dinner with ...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年03月13日

  7. 你是指你手機沒電了嗎 ,假如是, 請參考一下 My cellphone is running out of battery. 第二句,你要表達的意思是: 你要請我吃東西嗎,假如是 請參考一下: Are you treating me to dinner ( lunch / breakfast )

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2010年06月26日

  8. woke up early in the morning and asked if we wanted to dine out . After a long discussion, we decided to have lunch in Jing-Shan where a small town near city of Keelung with well...

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  9. ...still hopes that Amy will take him out to go sightseeing飽餐一頓之後,湯姆仍然希望艾咪...will have soy milk for breakfast, and beef noodles for lunch , and…艾咪︰ 哈﹗ 明天,我們早餐喝豆漿,午餐吃牛肉麵...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年09月04日

  10. ...ride Breakfast by the ocean We'll do lunch at Sunset and Vine Every day... Every night the stars come out to play Wish that I could always feel this way...

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