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  1. 有d食物,例如薄荷,會降低lower esophageal sphincter的壓力,即係食道去胃o既括約肌的壓力,使胃裡的物質較易倒流上食道

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  2. ...calm babies and relieve pain. Some experts suspect, however, that our desire for sweet things has been reinforced—and perhaps...

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  3. We can avoid global warming in two ways: 1. decrease the amount of carbon dioxide released, 2. increase the amount of carbon dioxide uptake by the environment. We can do more in decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide released. We ...

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  4. ... (and electrons) but different number of neutrons, we call that isotope (同位素).

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  5. Following 002's answer... Using electrolysis... My set-up: A U-shape tube: -base part filled with mercury cathode -left part brine(concentrated NaCl (aq),electrolyte) immersed with carbon anode -right part covered...

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  6. Muddy water? obviously not, as it contains many contaminants (perhaps harmful chemical compounds/industrial waste), microorganisms...etc. These toxic contaminants or microorganisms may cause waterborne diseases, such as...

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  7. By experience, no problem. But, beware of crashing eyeglasses to eyepiece of microscope to prevent damage to either or both.

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  8. the substance change into mobile ions after add to water. no. it originally dont contain moblie ions.

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  9. 當然可以, 因為acids 和 alkalis一定有H2O 水會有少量的OH- 和 H+ ∴ We can find OH- in acids or H+ in alkalis

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  10. go to

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