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  1. you can download Focs from this website: which provide downloads for Mac, Solaris and AIX but this site need to be registered first in order to access to download/ hope it helps. all the...

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  2. 自己未試過你的情況,你可以嘗試更新一下flash player, 再看看再有沒有以上的情況出現! 先下載及執行下面個flash player uninstaller: 然後嘗試下列既方法進行安裝。 方法一: 下載獨立的 flash player 9 installer並安裝: http...

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  3. ...source) . After recording, you can save it as a wave file. But we can't convert a wave audio to a midi file. Because wave file can have...

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  4. ... 5 首先我們要準備一張閃圖: 圖片參考:http://img53.imageshack. us /img53/4947/44cdef6b5zp.gif 現在我們可以開始做了! 圖片參考:http://img246.imageshack...

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  5. http:// us

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  6. we can't go to her profile because it set to private.Only her friends can go into her we can't help u with that.

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  7. ... chu_pui_yun1996 ~~~ Yes, blogs are absolutely good to our environment. Blogs are the things that replacing the paper...

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  8. http:// us 使用CPU-Z,會比較容易睇 以下圖片可作參考

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  9. 圖片參考:http://img384.imageshack. us /img384/1221/blrose01uu3.jpg 這種是甚麼字體? 這是「華康金文體」 提供下載是屬違法 請自行搜尋 圖片參考: 圖片參考:

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  10. To remove our extension from Google Chrome: 1) Click...uninstall). 6) Close your browser completely and reopen it. Our toolbar extension should be removed from your ...

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