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  1. had friend=never have had friend; present participle tense; ---- We have not got any friend. ---- We have not got any friend like you...

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  2. 這是責難句,就像你老板對你說,你們應很清楚,蝙蝠是不能吃的,但你卻偏偏大逆不道!

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2020年03月15日

  3. ...感覺 - [Mr.X卻教歷史教得趣味盎然]。[翻譯示範] 但不會用於: We enjoy visiting Disneyland in a fun way. 因為去廸士尼玩樂本身已...

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  4. ...但是,你要小心的是agree後面不是接受詞的時候就不一定會用on或是with.像是: We agreed in general. She agrees under the pressure from her...

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  5. We are glad you can visit Taipei during Chinese New Year.Furthermore/Thus, hope you will enjoy its atmosphere.

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  6. 名詞當副詞用,所以不加介詞,例: I will be back tomorrow.He went to new York last night.

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  7. ...out of" hearing. 4.離開:"out of" date(過時的) 5.沒有: We are "out of" coffee. 6.用某種材料:What did you...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2020年01月13日

  8. 附上的參考應該解答了你的問題: 你看怪怪的只因為你不是英語人,英語人從小便會講,所以不會考究"文法"的詞性。 started在這phrase是看成一個passive voice的動詞或者看作一個past participle吧。

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  9. If the 5 items are acceptable, we are glad to give you the quotation which is only for this time. 

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