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  1. 我家有養一隻狗,他名字叫A KI A KI的 意思 是日文的秋天 We have a pet dog named Aki.  Aki means Autumn in Japanese.

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  2. ...連詞的when是解作"在…之後", 當然句子如用after, 其 意思 更明顯. 這副詞子句(after.....)可以用作假設性的條件, 說明...conditional sentence type-1, 以表達明顯的假設性, 如: If we climb over it, we will know what is on the other side.

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  3. We met a lot of network main performing stars that day, which I felt very surprised; because...hamburger shop. Friends and I immediately went to the queued-up of that shop! After an hour we finally tasted the hamburger, not very expensive,  but the beef inside was very fresh and juicy, and worth the value of...

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  4. ...pragmatic layout, maintain the following policy strides forward, this is our company's responsibility to customer partners, suppliers, ...

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  5. ...quot;和"冒號" "Whoa, slow down........before we make out decision."是獨立一段說話句。 Step 4 嘆詞Whoa一般譯作"哇"/"哦",但這句的 意思 是他要叫停,所以用這個"遏"才能表達正確的"...

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  6. ...前面已經用了so做連接詞,這裡的so就一定要省掉. 整句的 意思 是: (公司)合併就要完成了,所以我們整體都戰戰兢兢...秒鐘出來鬧事. The merger is almost complete, so we 're all just holding our collective breath that...

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  7. ...訴訟。 當名詞act與action同樣在"行為及行動"的 意思 上,它們基本上是同義詞,大部份情况下,都可以互用...the verb "take" but "act" does not: ~ We shall take whatever acts are necessary. (X...

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  8. ... to find out whether the following 590 companies have our company's account numbers...

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  9. ...quot;consider"這字一樣, 在其受詞後一定要加補語(名詞或形容詞)以完成整個 意思 . "think" + object + noun / adjective (called object complement) 1. think it great fun (noun) to plague us 2. think it enjoyable (adjective) to plague us

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  10. ...a trip to Taiwan next year for a sales conference.  Maybe we should meet up for a beer or two.  What say you?

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