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  1. ... from 10am to 4:30pm at/in Aberdeen Sports Ground. ( order : date, time, venue) (這句變更為 The 2005 Sports Day was...

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  2. ...php?page=1&total_record=149&type_id=rainie_yeung& order =date&show=all page=1&total_record=149&type_id=rainie_yeung& order =date&show=all

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  3. 1) Never touch my computer again! Order John ordered us not to touch his computer again. ...

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  4. ... order =Date Mickey:

  5. ... us that you had to discuss with your management about the order quantity and order date. We agreed that I would give you a call...

  6. Exchange Order 係一種行內進行貨品交易時所有0既文件, 一般用於旅行社與旅行社之間0既交易... 旅行社需要出 XYZ航空公司之機票時, 就會出 EXCHANGE ORDER 比 A 旅行社作為出票文件. 希望你會明白!!

  7. ... : BACK DATE FOR BL no.xxxxxxx In order to match with our L/C requirement, please mark the shipment date/on...

  8. 放貨... 我們能要求放貨/出貨了嗎? 我們可以放貨/出貨了嗎?

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  9. We do not have any open orders on this part so keep it as a stocking order . 中文意思? 答: 中文意思是 : 我們沒有這類的存貨, 只有在訂單出現的時候, 才會購入此貨物。 A stocking order = 訂貨單

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  10. I don't think birthday order is a game, in United State brithday order mean you order something for someone birthday, such as flowers, cards and wines so on.

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