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  1. I order 5 items, and the 7 others I ask Molly Lin to deal with them=(to take the necessary action dealing with enquiries etc.)

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  2. ...quot;to stay" as a candidate. cf:-(N+to+v) Or Usage "in order for some to---=>s to v " eg:-A no. of BG followed the...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2018年12月25日

  3. ...健保卡或駕駛執照。) 八、規費【申請人可選擇以美元現金、匯票(Money Order )或銀行本票(Cashier’s Check)支付,本處不接受個人支票...

  4. ... : ======= 1) 英文命名 跟 "alphabetical order ": eg. 2-chloro-2-methylpropane                    c ===> m...

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  5. My supervisor has changed his mind to receive the orders by EMS, and therefore you could revise your quotation.

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  6. I want to sort the item (or coded) numbers on the table in the order of the symmetry of the results.

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  7. So... I have to place an order , pay the money, and you send me photos thereafter. I have to place an order , pay the money so that you send me photos.

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  8.復興商工& order =money&orderType=asc 大台北地區有推1280元定期票,30日內可不限...

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  9. ... longer,without tilting,by changing to stainless stell in order to improve (3)The imaging machine system's nozzle direction has...

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  10. I beg your pardon that we are unable to accept your order it was due to the manufacturer couldn't supply us with enough ...

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