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  1. the station here is a music station. once you save that music link in your favorate list, you can listen music from that station whenever you want.

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  2. 意思 如下: “我們目前在現場工作,我們會很快回去。” 注意,其實他的寫法有一點錯誤,應該是 We re currently working on site , 不需要加 the

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  3. 也可以解釋作"駐廠" 最常用的是 on site engineer- 駐廠工程師 2007-08-09 16:19:38 補充: 你說的應該沒錯 他應該是問是不是所有東西都有到位,都運轉正常的 意思

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  4. on - site , 當貨物抵達時.先付80%. 當檢查貨物滿意接受後60天再付剩下的20%.

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  5. On - site fashion retailing 和 off- site fashion retailing 現場時裝零售和非現場時裝零售 Servicing the customers in " On - site and Off- site Ventures" 服務客戶“現場和非現場風險投資...

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  6. the popular website, "" (probably the best site in the world). It means stay the course no matter what. Chive On refers to the mutual understanding between Chivers on how to...

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  7. ... of the university web site rules, he can not do whatever he wants on the site . 上面的 意思 是:「為圖書館的某些規定導致他無法發揮所長」對嗎? 由於圖書館網頁的規定...

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  8. 地點分界, 地點邊界 Site = the piece of land on which something is located Line = boundary See http...

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  9. 這些單字應該要配合句子比較好回答,不然翻譯的結果會有誤差。 1. 鄰近公眾(場合?)或是在民眾的附近或者是禁止民眾進入 2. 根本看不懂。也看? 3. 一點忠告 4 需考慮的細節 5 現場時的停車或是駐地的停車。太多可能的答案了。 6 現場的用餐處,或是駐地的用餐處。

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  10. as build mean what is constructed on site . Normally come with drawing: as build drawing We need...

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