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  1. ... are pressing the Chancellor to reduce excise duty on beer. N-VAR 5duty If someone such as a policeman or a nurse...

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  2. 1. 上班 >> on duty ; on the job; at work(N.) e.g. He's on duty right now. (他正值勤.../images/job_search_at_work.jpg Tips for job searching on company time When you're already working a full-time job, when...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2009年03月08日

  3. 全年無休 We are on duty all year All year on duty , holiday included) on duty ,是執勤的意思 也可以是 365 days a year 專業就用 We are Pro

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  4. 上班 1. on duty . 2. I am going to work. 3. I am on duty now. 下班 1. off duty , off work 2. I am off duty now. 3. I am releasing from my duty .

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  5. on - duty doctors on - duty doctors on - duty doctors

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  6. 1. Due to the error by the on - duty officers, cat, diesel, and gaslines dangerous goods were...

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  7. ... are female doctors on duty from "X" PM to "Y...12:19:04 補充: Female Doctors On Duty 已經明白表達有女醫生看診˙ 不需要多...

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  8. 1. 值日生 Student on duty be on a duty for a day 2. 棧板 Stack board 3.手推車 barrow cart dolly【美】(搬運重物用的) handbarrow handcart pushcart(尤指小販所用的) 你參考一下吧~

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  9. Police offices on duty said they had expected that after two days of mass...

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  10. ...有些牽強, 或許因前述 duty 包含用餐, 以lunch班、dinner班暱稱之, 但不會是正式術語. on duty 就是值班, on lunch duty , on dinner duty 一般指的是餐廳業的值班或其他須在用餐時段...

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