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  1. Ogres are a battle-hardened and fearless race, but there walks one amongst...

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  2. Ogres are used to heinous wounds, but “ disembowelments” cause them to cringe 怪物早已習慣了各種 令人髮指 的傷口,但『開膛剖腹』 (卻)讓他們畏縮不前

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  3. ... the main protagonist of the films. He is a green ogre with a Scottish accent. He is married to Princess...

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  4. More tales are told about Golgfag than any other Ogre alive 關於Golgfag的事跡被闡述的比當今其他怪物多得多.

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  5. ...你唷 ^^~* Shrek (2001) Shrek is a big ogre who lives alone in the woods, feared from...-in-Boots (a sword fighting cat and ogre slayer) to kill Shrek. (請注意字尾有時會被截到下...

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  6. ... to be big and strong. One day, he decided to go and defeat the ogres living on Ogre Island that were pillaging the...

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  7. Though he exaggerates with wild abandon, Golgfag is still the most successful of all Ogre mercenary captains. 既使充滿了狂野的天性,高發哥還是傲獸傭兵隊長之中最有成就的一隻!

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  8. 怪物有很多翻譯 或類似的翻譯 Ogre , bogey, bogy, bogie, bugaboo, bugbear; banshee, bogeyman, demon (or daemon), devil, fiend, fright...

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  9. ... (形) 邪惡的 Evil-eye 邪惡的眼神 Devil = demon 惡魔 Ogre 食人魔, 妖怪 Twilight zone 陰陽魔界 (指介於陰間和陽間的暗黑地帶...

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  10. ...wouldn't want to meet a mythical creature on a dark and stormy night, whether it be an ogre or a gremlin or a troll. 參見 whether it be 的討論:

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