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  1. The answer is yes. The English version of your Household Registration is the only official document you can get from Taiwan as the proof of birth.

    分類:旅遊 > 其他:景點 2014年09月20日

  2. ... sorry if an error has been made on your official document . Permanent Resident Card (I-551) To correct...

    分類:旅遊 > 其他:景點 2008年08月03日

  3. ...可停留90天 The citizen who is a holder of a national passport (diplomatic, official and ordinary) / travel document of the foreign countries / territories / international organisations...

    分類:旅遊 > 其他:景點 2007年03月22日

  4. ... the purpose of trip (letter of invitation, official invitation, participation in group travel) 旅行目的證明文件. ... needed. The signatures on this document must be notarized. 未滿18歲需家長同意書拿觀光...

    分類:旅遊 > 其他:景點 2006年07月02日

  5. ... proof of age and identification. Acceptable documents are: driver’s license, state id card, passport..., retired judges, and public officials whose powers include solemnization of ...

    分類:旅遊 > 其他:景點 2009年04月27日

  1. official document 相關