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  1. Yes spelling mistake.

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  2. The (lunch) with grilled chicken; Not,the (restaurant) with grilled chicken; An adjectival phrase defines a noun nearest to it.

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  3. ... to Every Man and Nation" 裡的 "New occasions teach new duties, time makes ancient good uncouth" 句稍作修改而成...

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  4. assault occasioning actual bodily harm 的意思是 攻擊惹起實際身體的害處

  5. Occasions of traffic accidents seem to have little effect in changing the attidude...

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  6. on occasion =sometimes but not often; eg:-The present perfect:-Have you been known---?I have been known.(as an Idiom.) eg:-I have been known (on occasion ) to gamble.

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  7. On special occasions ,such as my mother's birthday,we bay take-away food to bring home.This year,Dad plans to older pizza to be d_eliver_ed to our home 我都唔係好肯定 = )

  8. ... Greeting Cards brainstorms new sending occasions . Mayflower Greeting Cards 是這間賀咭公司的名稱。 五月花...

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  9. 英文原曲是: Climie Fisher Rise to occasion 2008-08-29 17:15:35 補充: 更正一點.... 組合是 Climie Fisher...

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  10. 「適逄」英文 「適逄」英文可以是"On the occasion of" 例如「適逄朝鮮權力更替」 可譯作: "On the occasion of the...

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