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  1. ...心聲.整句是: It was a lonely life to lead, for I had nothing to think of, having been made such a little while before. 2. 先看...

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  2. ... software list. So if the software is well known, nothing is needed. If Norton has issues, it will report to you so that you can act accordingly.

  3. It is a compatibility issue. There is nothing can be or need to be fixed.

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  4. ...---sends (3)wery---very obstinit---obstinate---not easily overcome; nothink-- nothing vith--with (4)acuse--of course chimney--chimney hextricate---extricate from=free them...

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  5. post(s):n.[C] <釋義> 崗位;哨所;站;(軍隊的)駐紮地;兵營;駐紮部隊 # “all guard posts”:所有警衛哨所

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  6. Your monitor has nothing to do with your computer's performance. It is entirely up to you if you want to upgrade.

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  7. ... like nothing on earth for the earth ! You look like nothing on earth for the earth in that rediculous dress ! ...for her son everywhere, she finally ran him to earth for the earth in the secret garden shed !

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  8. ... 演出者: 肯伊·威斯特 收錄專輯: Can't Tell Me Nothing 發行時間: 2007 年 TO 版主: 如果不是你要的答案 請通知一下 我會刪除解答 如果是你要的答案 請...

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  9. “抱著我女孩” 我一直在等待你 到我的身邊告訴我真相 傾訴所有你經歷的事 我的女孩你沒有什麼可失去的 寒冷的夜 星期天早上 在遇見你的路上,擺脫灰色脫的情緒 我有時間 我有愛 有信心,逆風飛翔 給我一分鐘握住我的女孩 給我一分鐘握住我的女孩 擁擠的城鎮,無言的床 選擇...

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  10. ...object of action verb or the verb (if intransitive). e.g. They’ve done nothing at all to solve the problem. He is not looking at all well. (2) we...

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