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  1. ...put down # down ; downward # write down ; note down ; register ; publish give you the dictionary link, use it if you need it

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  2. frighten the birds away, The course is struck and noted down with the video cassette recorder.

  3. ...其誤差值不得超過±5%。 4.三用電表目的與原理 notes / down /elecmeter/

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  4. ...that oneself is Charlie in David diary used for noting down daughter s unusual behavior that that note -book originally comes The earphone...

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  5. ...23 17:16:04 補充: 我忘記你的信箱沒有公開請到此網站 notes / down /elecbrige/

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  6. ... we kiss (為什麼妳要欺騙 為什麼我們會接吻) And I m just down (而我心情低落) You left me with a note without a sound (妳只留給我一張字條沒有音訊) I figured I...

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  7. .../popular_science.asp?add_year=2005&popsc_aid=125 notes / down /microwave/ 希望我的回答對你有幫助~~

  8. ... - MLB pitcher Create the Asian pitcher and win and throw noting down Help kindly - the global charity organization Famous director Li...

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  9. ...m02/54.jpg 圖片來源:參考資料: notes / down /rc/purpose.htm

  10. ..., and song fans can hear and see from the film these singers note down music spent hugly

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