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  1. ...彈出黎,之後去SETTING,入面有之個叫偏好設定 入左去有個係當有圖自動 DOWN 既格仔比你TICK 一開始係TICK左既,自己解番佢就OK 因為...

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  2. 當我 down Adobe ReaderX 時就彈 試先安裝 Adobe Reader 9 然後再做更新.

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  3. 圖片參考: note /zulan/zulan04/bban0210.gif 圖片參考:

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  4. it, and then turn it off. Make sure you write down your password before upgrading. You must...7, Windows 7 is that simplified! Note : 1) I don't evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any...

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  5. ... it doesn't , go back to the next latest day, say, 4/5/2010 and see. Note : Windows automatically records dates randomly in background for you...

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  6. it is only a simple if-then case. Firstly you can drag a button to the window and two label showing the range of the number and a textbox for entering the number. Then what you have to do is enter the program code described above to do the project. random...

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  7. ..., Solaris, and HP/UX 都是UNIX的 cut down version, 它們都很類似, command 也會相似, structure 也相類.其特點是穩定, stability...

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  8. ...的! 再試埋 係開始 > 執行 > 鍵入 dxdiag 然後係 sound 的頁面睇下下面 notes 有冇話有問題,正常應該係no problems found的!

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  9. suggest OPENOFFICE

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  10. 你需要用anti-spyware軟件掃除!!!! 你使用Windows Vista, 應該內置有Windows Defender, 佢喺anti-spyware軟件, 你可開啟軟件掃瞄和移除有關病毒。如果你找不到, 而你喺用緊正版Windows Vista的話, 可到Microsoft官方網頁免費下載...

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