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  1. ... thinks Tyle is crazy because she wants to take notes . 7.glasses he The boy's when go falls down far . The boy’s glasses falls down when he go far...

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  2. ... thinks Emily is crazy because she wants to take notes . 7. The boy's glassses go far when he falls down .

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  3. 我只會第二個問題 Says in the guitar domain, "pushes string" is a performance note fluctuation way, also is the guitar performer emotion and strength unfolding

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  4. ..., noting that... = He glanced over at her, and noted that... 分詞片語代替另一個動詞。 2. Being tired with the work, he sat down ... = Because he was tired with the work, he sat down ...

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  5. 這是 Fates Warning 在 1998年出的唱片-Inside Out 收在其中的一首歌. 你可以在下面的網站內付費 download.

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  6. ...系列是專門設計給轉換遞增及遞減電壓的運用並減少外部元件的使用. 請參考註釋 ( Note ) AN920A/D 和AN954/D的運用說明. 額外的設計參考...

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  7. 文化說明 在義大利 慢慢的改進要朝向慢步調生活 此外 除了避免速食之外 大部分的人 也嘗試盡量不要使用手機 尤其是在吃飯的時候

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  8. ... the manager explained this system to me, I kept note in case I would forget any point. I appreciate him so much.I...

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  9. ...perform analyses at the line-of-business level, one level down from the firm level. 第二, 日本電子廠商多角化的程度...事業單位 -- 即次於廠商層級的下一個層級-- 之分析. Notes for your reference: 1) "the sequence of entry"...

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  10. 1. Back in the room, I wrote the boy's temperature down and made a note of (about) the time to give the various capsules. 2. It was a...

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