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  1. Note for gameing Toshiba Satellite C840-00R008 $4xxx...

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  2. ... 27 Sep 2004 27 Sep 2004 Uploader Notes None.

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  3. Dear Friend, Please contact the service cen- tre of your notebook computer and this is the best solution. 雲遊四海,浪跡江湖。

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  4. ..., you need to bring your PC for repairing. Note : Force your computer to shut down may cause direct and serious damage to your hardware.

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  5. ... advantage for battery life long so is good for use in library to drop down some notes and the battery life can upto 5-10 hours (depends on the model) the...

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  6. what 牌子? model number? 點樣同電腦 connect? usb or printer/parellel/LPT? 去過原廠網頁下載 xp scanner driver?

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  7. ...pop up, press the Page Up or Page Down key to activate the on board display card. 4. When... must set up to activate one only, not both. Note : Depending on the model and make of your...

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  8. ... fan is 5130 to 5140 RPM, it you noted that one of them or both of them is.... Why the fan'(s') failure may case shut down ? On AC's working, it need to change...

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  9. ...release the lock(1). Gently push the scanner cover support down (2) and close the scanner cover(3). 圖片參考: until it clicks and unfold the paper support flap. Note Make sure you pull out the paper support until it...

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  10. to install the Realtek driver. Shut down then reboot to try. Another way is to go.... XP will reboot then try it again. Note : you'll lose all programs installed...

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