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  1. In answering your questions: 1. Assuming you are not using your ID, you will still not need a visa. But your duration of stay will be limited to 90 days. 2. Yes.

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  2. adjective to describe the noun prediction, therefore we do not need a verb to be here. This sentence already has...story of an old man sleeping in the toilet he (we do not need “he” because we already have “an old man&rdquo...

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  3. l would meet her again,the world was beautiful,she hair was flowing,she was very lovely, shy and often cured some strainger , although she knew they did not need help.

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  4. 2008-08-16 16:26:30 補充: the maid terminate by herself and not for me to terminate. Is still need to pay long service pls answer in chinese 是 請見以上勞工處網頁

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  5. ...180n+30*(-1)^n..........for some +ve integers n if general solution is not needed , the ans will be 30,60,210,240 for 2(sinx+cosx)=root 3 +1 and 30,150 for 6tan...

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  6. Answer: 1:Does not need to format. 2:Yes, you may use the way which increases progressively. 3:you just add a new date . 4:nero. 5:use the soft ware before read the readme.

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  7. you did not need to make any adjustment in your account books because your auditor will make an AUDIT ADJUSTMENT for this $5,000 if he or she finally confirms the fee.

  8. ...phrase is: Do as I say, not as I do. = You do not need to imitate what I do, just obey my instructions...

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  9. You can use " Need Not " as:- I need not to be so careful in dealing with the saling as it is not harnful to human unlike Mercury. It doesn't have any relationship whether it is polite or not .

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  10. For using DSLR, you do not need to be an expert. 450D is for beginner, like...10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 first, if budget is not a problem. I also want to remind you it maybe a bit...

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