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  1. otherwise有相反的意思 所以這句otherwise find it less advantageous 就是負負得正 otherwise (-)+ less(-) = (+) 就是很多的意思 翻下就是說 對於 nonresident investors 有很多優勢去hold the shares 套用專業術語就能知道文章說什麼了

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  2. ...between, amonginternational, interfaith, intertwine, intercellular, interjectnon-notnonessential, nonmetallic, nonresident , nonviolence, nonskid, nonstoppost-afterpostdate, postwar, postnasal, postnatalpre-beforepreconceive, preexist...

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  3. ...kernel, remains in memory while the computer is running. A nonresident part of an operating system remains on the hard disk until...

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