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  1. "No one" is one word, but " Nobody " consists of two words... :p (As far as I know, they have the same meaning...)

  2. ... can give you as you want.【只要你想任何東西都可以給你】 no one同 nobody 的意思也是相若。 e.g:No one/ Nobody can make me love ...

  3. Nobody want to play with that girl, who is very fat, during the recess time.

  4. 1. a / because / is / national / Nobody / class / to / holiday / it / came Nobody came to class because...

  5. I think both are correct in life. Actually, nobody can never make mistakes! But he need to try his best...

  6. No, not necessary, nobody will care whether you have students card or not. they are only care whether you have enough money or not. Good luck

  7. Why don't you do it by yourself? Nobody will help you here.

  8. Moon high in the sky Of which shines every night Oh it becomes round now Nobody could reject the splendid light

  9. Something that rerely happens did somehow really happen. It is a fact, but nobody believe. For example, a person's black hair all turned grey overnight.

  10. NO, you can buy it, they only ask you what size is it ? nobody care you have students card or not. Good Luck