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  1. ... 中文 :認出 例如:overlook 中文 :忽略 omit 中文 :疏忽 neglect 中文 :忽視 但是forget、 neglect 、omit和overlook之間 也是有一些小小差別的 茲另外補充...

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  2. Considered with previous research, self- neglect was more prevalent in the older people living alone who had...

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  3. ... social factors lead to occurrences of child abuse and child neglect . These include parents being dismissed in their...

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  4. ...exclusion of liability shall not applyto claims for compensation . based on an neglect by us of fundamental contractual obligations. Neither shall this...

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  5. ... on the imparations(有錯字impartation) of knowledge while neglecting character education 作者警告教育者不要太過強調知識的傳授而忽略品格教育

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  6. 護士1: 首要的,如果主護理師已經受過本職的特殊訓練,自然無疑地這些訓練包括時間管理,問題解決能力,及復建的基礎技能. 你所擔心的技能應該已經包括在其中. 那這樣一個為了給主護理師受特殊訓練而開的科目能忽視這些技能嗎?我指... 護士2: 喔~好吧.我想我們的看法不同吧.

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  7. 1.他被期望能在不久的將來藉由原子的力量來生產巨大量的電力。 2.在我們有許多繁榮的科技,但是當事情越來越嚴重的時候,我們總是忽略了他。 3.那次曾經人人皆知而卻被認為從來不歸還,而且失去的瞬間將代表著永遠失去。 4.沉默是金

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  8. ... blind To a world so kind/fine I stare out into the space Neglect to embrace The beauty of this place

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  9. ... would turn to be disadvantages. Playing online games, neglecting homework, browsing violent and porn sites...etc are the ...

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  10. ... those who are prejudice, please do not only see one side of the story and neglect the truth of the issue. Thank you all very much. We're ...

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