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  1. near 本身可以當副詞,= almost 或 nearly 。 這裡與 impossible 經常搭配的其他副詞: almost impossible、 nearly impossible、virtually impossible、practically impossible 意思都差不多。

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  2. near = close to = 在附近 nearly = almost = 幾乎/差不多

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  3. Nearly , Almost 我差唔多每首歌都鍾意。 I like nearly every song. 我差不多明白所有的講課。I undestand alomst all the lessons.

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  4. nearly 跟almost還可以, 但forgive是饒恕/寬恕,跟remit豁免/免除或減輕(嚴重性) 兩個字是不同的,除了用在一個主角「上帝」時才會相同: 上帝饒恕人過犯(forgive)跟上帝免除人罪(remit)。

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  5. " Nearly 40% of respondents usually walked to the school"...

  6. I ran nearly 4000m this morning. The first feeling comes into my mind is sadness 係冇unhappiness呢個字嫁

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  7. Nearly impossible. But there still some alternative:- (1) Try to get into OUHK...

  8. Nearly 20 years later, Mike’s dreams long gone...

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  9. mine's 我的 nearly 差不多 all gone 全沒有了 圖片參考:

  10. BNO, nearly rubbish, because holder has no right to live in Britain. only tell customs in the world --- this holder is NOT my citizen, but has the right to live in a Britain's colony only.

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