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  1. that 在這裡是連接詞,引導「副詞子句」表示 so much lighter 的結果,是很普通的 so...that 句型 was hot, and this made it SO MUCH LIGHTER in weight than the air without THAT...

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  2. 盡可能按照 , 好像 , 像是 你統治領土  的一個人。(from the wizard of Oz story)

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  3. 這問題之中的"in"的用法,與"luck"這個字 應該沒什關係.就如: I'm having a lot of fun finding a job. I've spent much money dating this man. 都有同樣的"in"的問題.

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  4. 1. 我是認為 (A) I'm not having much luck finding a job. (B) I'm not having much luck in...

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  5. ...弁当にしては高すぎるのではないだろうか? (But isn't that too much for a boxed lunch?) 例4. 彼女はまさかもう起きているのではないだ...

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  6. ...一些有用的字彙 It amazed me that I learned so much and so many useful vocabularies from this article.

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  7. ...沒吃牛肉了。」 《日辭典例》I haven't been eating that much for 2 days. # 例句1. 現在完成式:主語(複數)+ have +動詞過去分詞(p.p...

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  8. ...明白的,究竟她是”不想見”還是同時”但想見”,句中還要加插一段比較句as much as wanted”比較想見的是Dickson。作者應該是想表達她在不同...

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  9. ... felt that the rain was very small and did not care much ; but did not expect it was a heavy fall of rain, sometimes, with thunder and...

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  10. 日文翻訳 不知道是不是正確ㄉ

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