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  1. A more precise translation shall be domed stadium Taiwan uses "巨蛋"...". After all, to me, "arena" sounds more elegant than "dome". However, 東京巨蛋's official name is...

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  2. The death toll on Monday was no more precise than it was the day before, hovering somewhere around 20,000 in ...

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  3. ...that代替 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 The more precise ,___ ______the more effective the communication(A) that a writer s words (...

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  4. 個人認為省略了it.such engineered cells allow much more precise control of the expressed receptors than it is possible with...

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  5. ... more to the point. 片語to the point是形容詞性質, more 修飾它, 所以這個 more 是副詞. more precise 是Adj比較級, more to the point可視為Adj片語比較級.

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  6. ... surgery is safe, because in on clinical saw the more and more precise instrument utilizes in the medical behavior, patient s survival percentage thus ...

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  7. ...a tale of four zoo animals that wind up in the wilds. To be more precise , they go from the big zoo in New York City to the wilds...

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  8. Compared with casting bars, bars formed by steel plates are more precise and better because the fitting tolerance between the bar and its seat is smaller. Hope this helps!

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  9. As the modern technology advances, the instruments for time measurement become more precise .

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  10. "less conservation set of guidelines" 比較不受保護的一套行動準則

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