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  1. ...problem. Kids who drink before the age offifteen are five times more likely to have alcohol problems when they areadults. So start ...

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  2. ... have to depened on public transportation" -> Which is more likely to be the core subject of this sentence, or you can also say that this is the solution...

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  3. ...除非是 very much like 才是對的句子. 如果 more : 使用 more like 行不通的, 除非是 more likely , 但就算把 more likely 放進句子也完全不通, 因為 more likely 的意思是"比較...

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  4. 照字面上翻『我們對於程式中介面推測的準確度沒有比程式中實作來的完美精確。』 意思是:他們的實際操作比推測介面的功力還要好。

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  5. "better than" is for "quality comparison" " more than" is for "quantity comparison".

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  6. ...will succeed"是一件事. likely 是修飾人, possible是修飾事物 It is more possible that you will succeed. = You are likelier to succeed.

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  7. prone to] e.g. You're more liable to injury when you don't get regular...quot;be prone to"。 2. liable to/for: likely to be legally punished or ...41:53 補充: (我是以我自己比較常見的 用法 做說明。)

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2007年11月05日

  8. The time period under consideration is more likely a short period rather than a long period. 在審議(考慮)中的時間比較像是短的期間而非長期間。(就是可以審議(考慮)的時間很短而不是很長) more likely : 比較像是

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  9. ... a common American usage, but it would be more likely for British speakers to say "...quot; ("Do you have it?" 是慣用的美語 用法 ,而英國人很可能說"Have you got it...

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  10. be a very negative word, while talking about animals, it’s more likely to be a positive one. 2011-11-08 21:22:51 補充: In a nutshell, occasionally...

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