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  1. ...the United States. This means that the volume of the Moon is about 2 percent that of Earth. The gravitational pull at its surface...

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  2. 1. The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite, and is the fifth largest one in the Solar System. 2. The volume of the Moon is about 2 percent that of Earth.

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  3. There are stones__on__the moon .(I think stone should be on the surface of the moon !) It's _in the...

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  4. ... got into the school she wanted and she is over the moon about that. 「You’d think she’d be over the moon wouldn’t you...

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  5. dream of : (夢)想 e.g. She dreamed pf becoming a movie star when she was young. dream about : 夢見 e.g. She dreamed about taking a trip to the moon .

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  6. ...very dangerous so he leaved Bella. 2. Bella was sad about this, she started to be in a trance and always having nightmare. 3...

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  7. ... and late February, depending on the Lunar ( moon ) calendar. A few weeks before, homes are cleaned...

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  8. be over the moon (英式說法) Meaning: to be very pleased about something Examples: "I bet she was pleased with her results." "She was over the moon ."

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  9. that shop)) 2)the會加係世界得一個ge野 e.g. the earth , the sky , the sun , the moon ............... 3)the會用係最高級到 e.g. the most interesting , the ...

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  10. 1. landed/walked 2. appeared 3. anniversary 4. awarded 5. looked/appeared 6. his 7. who 8. asked 9. answered/said 10. live 11. wants 12. begins

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