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  1. ..., and a root in the stricter sense may be thought of as a monomorphemic stem. Roots can be either free morphemes or bound ...

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  2. 3. inflectional suffix: Mandarin inflectional/functional “了”: Perfective aspect: 怎麼碰了杯子也不喝? Sentence final particle: 他胖起來了

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  3. monomorphemic 是單字素構字 就像是每一個國字,可以代表一個意思 另外polymorphemic則是多字素構字 就像是英文,每個字都由字母拼成 如果沒記錯應該是這樣

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  4. a. retroactive retro+act+ive b. befriended be+friend+ed c. televise tele+vise d. margin margin e. endearment en+dear+ment f. psychology psych+o+logy g.unpalatable un+palat+able h. holiday holi+day i. grandmother grand+mother j. morphemic morphem+ic k. mistreatment mis+treat+ment l. deactivation de+act+iv...

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