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  1. Your monitor has nothing to do with your computer's performance. It is entirely up to you if you want to upgrade.

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  2. (1)NPO和靜脈血管,流體水化和監測血糖. (2)以实验式為根据抗生素和 chef和SABS.

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  3. ... 硫胺素+ 菸鹼酸+核黄素+吡哆醇+泛酸 3.ON ekg /BP monitor 在心電圖 / 血壓監測儀 4.chlorpheniramine+Lidocaine+Hexachlorphene...

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  4. 桌面系統工具應都有[系統監視] system-mnitor 或直打 gnome-system- monitor ... HowTo: Check Swap Usage in Linux