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  1. 1. 卡崔娜颶風對紐奧良的影響Hurricane Katrina s effect on New Orleans2. 卡崔娜颶風帶來的災害The disasters brought on by Hurricane Katrina3. 人們的心理 The mentality of people

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  2. ...260&height=260&quality=80 專輯:Shop Boyz / Rockstar Mentality 商店男孩 / 搖滾星思想 ˙可以嘻哈饒舌、可以搖滾、可以Band...

    分類:音樂 > 其他:音樂 2008年12月19日

  3. ... Like A Rock Star 專輯:Rockstar Mentality 圖片參考:

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  4. ...angry with her, but to feel sorry for her, especially her problematic mentality . (按原文文意, 在譯文中作出適度調整)

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  5. ...饒舌歌手! 歌名:Criminal Life(2003年專輯【Criminal Mentality 】) 請上YOUTUBE搜尋即可找到! 圖片參考:

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  6. ... the bike,at the same time,it also makes our physiology and mentality being comfortable,that would be nothing better than it! 較簡單: Listen...

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  7. 您所說的可能涉及整個民族的集體 mentality 問題 中國人向來不講求精確但是對名義上是否冠冕堂皇就很注重 幾千年來的無數...

    分類:藝術與人文 > 歷史 2005年08月09日

  8. ... detention of Ching Cheong reflects the timidity mentality of Chinese authorities. 相關原文報導如下,裡面提到程翔的英文...

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  9. ... Breaking Ball 109EF994 000003E7 Mentality 109EF996 000003E7 MLB Life Max ...

  10. ... creativity, a "who stole whose client this week" trade press mentality , and a "let's put on a show" style of business in which agencies...

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