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  1. ...我見到果句係 ” government advises members of the public with long journey home...而tvb pearl 果度寫左係 members of the public, 雖然播左一兩次...整體, 佢係指唔同ge人, government 响度勸大家返番各自ge...

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  2. Bhumibol 描述了臨時政府的成員, 數誰被召集了退休, 像老和明智。有經驗的"老人能使用他們的經驗幫助人民, " Bhumibol 認為。不安排經驗破壞了城市." 的"人/人們;

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  3. ...yellow peel waist potato 3)Because there is no position of constitutional government , the member of the CPPCC National Committee can only discuss political ...

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  4. There is a red road in the front garden. This shows that one member of the Tang’s family might have a high position in the kingdom in the past.

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  5. ...public expenditure or political structure or operation of the government . Annex II also provides that the passage of bills introduced by individual members shall require a simply majority vote of each of the two...

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  6. Since China became a member of the World Trade Organization...economy and become a powerful country in Asia, the government of China continue implements more ...

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  7. ... facing discrimination of their family members or others.________________________________________________________ Shortages: ●_ The Government 's subsidies are...

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  8. 在1860年7月,在他之後被任命了作為最近建立的教育委員會的成員, Legge博士提出了包含各種各樣的建議關於香港的教育系統改革的一份計劃,包括政府管理的中央學校的創立。

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  9. ...12:30:20 補充: Shek, who is also a member of the Family Council, said it would.... 2010-04-29 12:30:50 補充: The government will also consult the public in August on whether...

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  10. ... and the Pan-democracy members together with Benny Tai Yiu Ting, one of the Professors of Law...hope to against the Chinese government 's policy provided...

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  1. member of the government 相關