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  1. yes!!!

    分類:政治及管治 > 政治 2007年09月22日

  2. ... need to respect the history of the small house policy, why it came... or later the government will have to deal with this." unite everyone in the city as members of the Hong Kong...

    分類:政治及管治 > 政治 2013年02月13日

  3. ...committee that exists in the meeting as soon as possible. The government indicates by the assembly member in the worker boundary of several people as a result, has neither security of the examination of the middle term...

    分類:政治及管治 > 政治 2007年12月15日

  4. ..., consisting of members as elected from respective sectors and appointed by the Central People's Government . In the second term, the ...

    分類:政治及管治 > 政治 2007年05月19日

  5. ... a Coalition Government , when the majority perference is...election The traditional role of PM were usually...not necessarily a MP ( Member of the Parliament...

    分類:政治及管治 > 政治 2010年05月24日

  6. ...situation is not functional constituency members , more than the Budget was ... like have paralyzed the Government . 3) the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong made...

    分類:政治及管治 > 政治 2010年11月15日

  7. ... and captured two others, Israel believes that the Government of Lebanon must take responsibility for the attack, from the sea and air bombardment of ...

    分類:政治及管治 > 政治 2008年04月21日

  8. ... of hong kong with no right of abode in any foreign...委員會) which has members from different sectors, such as the industrial(工業),commercial...'s Government (中央人民政府).

    分類:政治及管治 > 政治 2011年10月06日

  1. member of the government 相關