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  1. ...供版主參考參考^^ 2006-03-23 07:29:47 補充: 如果版主有興趣知道更多關於" melting pot"的東西的話, 請看: Melting _pot

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  2. 嗯這很普通唷 turkish bread 你應該知道是哪一種麵包吧... open melt 就是溶化的cheese open melt served on Turkish bread 就是turkish bread 上有溶化的cheese 有不會的可以在問我唷 我也是在澳洲留學

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  3. Pork Melts = Spleens 是指猪的脾臟 補充一下 如果看到 Pork Lights = Lungs 是指猪的肺 這些應該是在狗食部門看到的吧!!

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  4. they can. (三)The warm tropical sun comes out. The snow will melt . →As _______________,the snow will melt . (四)The mother's ...

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  5. ...latent, therefore also comparatively has the performance on the direction which personally melts

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  6. ... (結凍)/ solidification (固化). Solid changes to liquid by melting (融化)/ liquification (液化). Solid changes to gas by sublimation (昇華...

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  7. ...thatglobal warming is causing Earth`s glaciers to melt .一個值得觀察的氣候變遷指標,就是全球暖化造成冰河融化 If the melting ...

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  8. ...plastic tank filters, filter production falling of debris. Ensure hot melt glue blocks start at the wheel, the second overload protection. 6. ...

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  9. 錯字﹕to-morrow-->tomorrow, use-->us, melt -ing--> melting , air conditional-->air-conditioner, re-cycle-->recycle 文法...

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  10. ... will not leave.(3) As the permafrost under the forests melts , insects that normally don t turn up until the warmer seasons...

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