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  1. ...不妥artillery一詞指的是自走砲等火力支援武器並不適用於防空單位軍事專長只要寫 Marksmanship 就可以了 Marksmanship 指的是你具有射擊的能力其他就可以省了

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  2. ...正式. 除此之外, 美簽應該會問你有無受過武器訓練. 想當然爾你會用槍, 請使用 MARKSMANSHIP (射擊)一詞!

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  3. ... Rick got Meryl's gun and he also had good marksmanship so he should stay . 7.They applied a walker's corpses...

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  4. ...nature , it travel young girl everywhere each (although for young girl,have a miserable the past, marksmanship not exceptional), with one sociable heavy-duty motorcycle , mix like fairy tale and fable but in...

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  5. a public affairs officer, but also qualified in sniper fire and marksmanship instruction, and competed nationally with rifle and pistol as a member of the ...

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  6. 速度 訓練 增加 裝甲 槍法矛 訓練 槍術 訓練 戟 訓練 軸 訓練

  7. 給您參考: 雖然這種用法並不常見,然而“Reserve”作名詞用的時候,含有“coolness or formality of manner; restraint, silence, or reticence”的意思。 參考。所以“Her reserve under fire…”就是如您所翻,“她在面臨槍擊的時候所表現的冷靜,,唯有她那...

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