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  1. ... walked through the room, "picking" up all the trash.(分詞與主要動詞同時發生;表示主動:當時...看看下面的句子: "Boring" teachers make students "bored."(不及物動詞衍生...

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  2. ...要求.要是真的要見你的話,我們通常會說: I am thinking about making a trip to Taiwan next year for a sales conference.  Maybe we should meet up for a beer or two.  What say you?

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  3. and um I'm not sure if I'm gonna make it so I guess it's goodbye Babe I... we shared I'll miss staying up till midnight And the times when everything ...

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  4. During our make - up sessions, we have identical facial expressions.

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  5. ... dust harms human respiratory tracts, which makes our health greatly worse. Whereas ...indispensable for students' life for cleaning up the blackboards after classes, the dust may...

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  6. ... two or more co-ordinate clauses (linked by but, and, etc) made up of two or more combined parts. (1) I am---S...

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  7. ...我把這些賣給你 捆好,碼好 You hidin, I make the president get a facelift 你躲起來 我整了容 Niggaz...39;m the type that'll drink Kahlua and gin - throw up on the mic 我有我的風格 來點甘露和杜松子酒,扔掉麥克風...

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  8. ... nose would go up in the air. = 他(就會)臭屁到不行. 例子: He made a few millions last year and his nose went up in the air afterward.

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  9. ...10 to 20) to NICKEL ? Also, can this series be manufactured up to a size of 20? If you cannot have a size of 20, we would like to ask if our guest can make a change on the order ? Thank you.

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  10. ... before you. 5.愛情,要麼讓人成熟,要麼讓人墮落。 5.Love makes man grow up or sink down.    6.舉得起放得下的叫舉重,舉得起放不下的叫負重。可惜...