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  1. ... after their 30s want and what kind of man will make them wanted. You may need 5-10 ...least 10 year of work before you can be “stable”. Be happy with every day and try to “see” interesting ...

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  2. suggestion # 1 : if he likes you too, then go have a relationship with him. - ignore how people think or talk about you, even your parent.(if you're not goning to marry.) OR - have a relationship with...

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  3. .... The key to success is making dreams come true. 幸福之道需要理想。 成功...聆聽,好運將降臨。16. Life would be infinitely happier if we would only be born at the age of eighty and gradually...

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  4. ...陷入愛情(Fall in love):6859人五、要快樂(be happy ):6335人六、喝較多的水(drink more water):5522人七... to play the guitar):3942人二○、交新朋友( Make new friends):3670人二一、脫離債務(get out...

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  5. hello =) you can talk to me for sure! : ) Put down all your pressure to me la =) just send me mail and we can be friend for sure :) Wait for you! Don't do stupid things, LOL

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  6. ... , be grow up and positive why to give up a forest because of one dead tree, make yourselve happy and shine outside still have many choice open your eyes and see

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  7. ...prestigious international schools ( like Yeo Chung ) for some info. before making decision. Your international exposure is an advantage when you apply local ...

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  8. 佢冇你名同a/c number 點過數俾你? 你咪quote 個價 + 快遞俾佢,等佢過左數,你都銀行check 過先寄貨. 未過數就唔好交貨,ems, 快遞有簽收,可以查架嘛. 2010-11-16 18:19:22 補充: 你邊間銀行? 到底佢過左數到你間銀行未?去check 你間銀行a/c . 未過數就唔好寄野. 銀行唔會問你要...

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  9. 去检查心脏,than tell to your family if you are really sick . Don't be worry. And just make yourself happy .

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  10. ...for example, -you have a little serect between you and your lover, this is happy & sweet -if you did something badly, you want to keep it as a secret ,it makes you feel bad/guilty. hopefully these are what you need~

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