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  1. ... to achieve the goal. 此外,take efforts 不符習慣,通常我們應寫成 make efforts 。 2013-01-19 21:39:10 補充: Mom has succeeded in ...

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  2. We made every effort to gain the scores together. 請問這什麼意思 我們一起盡全力來贏得分數(吧) 2007-03-18 21:36:25 補充: 文法上並沒有錯

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  3. 完整的表達 We should make extra effort to compensate for what we missed in the past. <文法補充> effort 名詞 : 努力 用法:人 make effort to V compensate 名詞: 彌補 用法:to compensate for 事 希望這樣的解釋您能滿意

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  4. ...take 10 minutes to go to school. *不過"耗費精力"有特定的片語( make effort )可用, 所以請不要用take,spend,cost ~~我耗費好大精力才完成這項工作 -->...

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  5. 翻譯如下 1. Make great effort don't represent success, but don't make great effort can't succeed forever. 2. If I can not do it, that also has no anyone and can be competent

  6. It&#039;s no good making a last-ditch effort . 別做最後的掙扎了 2010-01-02 17:37:38...敵人在做垂死的掙扎。 He is making a big effort now, and I hope he lasts. 意思是...

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  7. ...a person and depend on the fortune. Loving a person continuously, you believe by making great efforts ' Mr.Right ' exist, or does ' Mr....

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  8. 努力 make great efforts 【 effort / 努力 , 艱苦的嘗試 , 努力的結果 , 成就】 try hard to exert oneself 【exert / 使用 , 盡力】 to strive 【strive / 努力,力求,奮鬥,勤奮,勤勉】

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  9. ..., the proverb implies that, "Those who actively making efforts to make things happen will be given opportunities to accomplish...

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  10. ... born with equal right. 我相信人生而平等 3.Amy had made effort to ask her out. 艾美想盡辦法要約她出來 4.He does have a...

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