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  1. "deluxe" emphasizes the fine quality " luxurious " is on the psychological indulgence and enjoyment. "...補充: Yes, I am very into the " luxurious " thingies - like diamonds, LV...

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  2. Luxurious Housing, highly recommended!! 另一種: Elite housing, highly recommended!!~

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  3. luxury products是複合名詞,即名詞+名詞。中文直譯為"奢侈品"。 如果是 luxurious products(形容詞+名詞),那就是"奢侈的商名"。 兩者都是一樣的意思,但前者唸起來較精簡。

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  4. This luxurious hotel is located at United Arab Emirates...

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  5. How elegant/ luxurious /fantastic/imposing/grand/lovely the restaurant it is! What an awesome place! Such a magnificant spot! What a beautiful/pretty/gorgeous/cozy/comfortable/superb place it is!

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  6. English expression:-- There's nothing like living in a luxurious hotel to give my hometown a final flourish. It means:-We...

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  7. all new luxurious private rooms will be opening for you

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  8. Plus, our luxurious rooms will be accomplished and avalible in next week. 另外,本飯店...

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  9. Make a luxurious wish, return smiles to those who ever cries, return health to those who ever...

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  10. ...with good cars are more attractive to me than men with luxurious car. 2. I don't like those who are addicted to (new...

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