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  1. He is loyal unto death and beyond into the next life. 你是要中文翻譯嗎? 他至死效忠,而且...

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  2. loyal 是指忠誠 steedfast就像你說的是只不變的 所以 loyal and steedfast 就是說 忠誠和不變 我不知道該怎麼解釋才能說的漂亮 不過意思是說 送那個戒指的人 對那個帶著戒指的人永遠忠誠而且不變

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年06月20日

  3. "Being loyal to myself" means "to love and to be yourself"...' needs before thinking about yours. Being loyal to yourself does not mean to be selfish. In fact, many ...

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  4. Loyal audience; loyal listeners Loyal watchers; loyal spectators 2010-06-28 08:52:32 補充: You may like to consider " loyal fans".

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  5. 應該是 " it shows you are loyal to me"吧? 2013-01-18 06:50:00 補充: 阿登, 這句並不完整,所以...you_you_gotta_send_me_some_fake_%22gold%22_in_there_too,_it_shows_im_ loyal _to_you_if_you_do_it Once your in my chatroom talk dirty about...

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  6. Loyal and steedast loyal 指的是忠心、忠誠的意思 至於steedast ... 請問你指的是steadfast嗎? 因為沒有steedast這個字哦~ steadfast 是指永恆不變的~ 這就只代表的意思,我想你了解了吧~ ^^ 2008-12-11 06:57:21 補充: 戒指啦.... 字錯了。@@

  7. You can consider using [ loyal ] [die-hard] such as loyal fan / loyal audience / loyal readers etc. die-hard fans sometimes refers to some really crazy , go all the way out fans. for your reference.

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  8. Loyal love overflowing in my heart, I can not estimate the wealth of their own to enjoy.

  9. A is loyal the reputation price is loud beans and vegetables, it is...excellent to connect loyally by one, with the generation of name that ' A is loyal beans and vegetables '. Though the life experience...

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  10. 效忠 Loyal --->>> Lo yo --->>> ㄌㄛ 一ㄛ 騎士 Knight...

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