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  1. ... versions (supper) - the Hai'an road to drink tea - the lodgings After national red building - 29-day lunar month load young surface...

  2. .... a. housing accommodations, as a place of residence; lodgings . b. Military. the buildings, houses, barracks...

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  3. 1. guest service and the counter plan and practise 2. guest room reservation work 3. lodgings registration 4. counter account service work 5. to return a house transfer out the work 6. onstage business management

    分類:教育與參考 > 考試 2008年04月17日

  4. ...部分都是跟學校一樣六個月 ↓這是弘光學生租賃資訊網 lodgings / 有問題再提出!

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  5. 其實弘光周圍有很多新蓋專租學生的大樓 品質其實都還不錯,可以多看多比較 ↓這是弘光學生租賃資訊網 lodgings / 有問題可以再提出來!

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  6. ... the hotel noise standard authentication mechanism, provided the high specification lodgings quality and the service guarantee, how caused the boarder to live comfortably, ...

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  7. ...portable, which makes it much easier when students need to change lodgings during summer or winter vacation and when it is in need of repair.

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  8. ...2008-07-29 22:50:42 補充: ↓這是弘光學生租賃資訊網 lodgings /

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  9. ... of an apartment/flat:- (1)dear rent to pay and live= lodgings (2)holiday/vacation too noisy (3)roomate be very bad.

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  10. ... s detail table (expect) Come and go fare About $700 lodgings expense About $1000 Meal expense About $1000 Sundries...

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