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  1. 我解釋看看通不通!? localizes constitutively 在本質上局部化為...Sid4p 和 Cdc11p 形成一個複合體,它在本質上局部化為SPB,並作為所有已知的SIN元素局部化為SPB(40, 93, 99, 125, 134, 245)時所需的架構之用。

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  2. ...許可証頒發給漁民,上面有顯示允許他們捕獲多少數量的魚。 hot spots.... localized concentrations of emissions. 熱點...... 排放的局部化濃度。

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  3. ...quot; (1530). But butty, meaning "work-mate," also was a localized dialect word in England and Wales, attested since 18c., and long...

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  4. ... characteristic in product differentiation. Sensetive in price adjustment. Localized products within overseas market. Specialized products for different...

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  5. ...全球佈局(Global layout) 11.全球品牌,當地化經營(Global brand, localized operations)

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  6. ...分開翻 不然會很怪 2008-04-19 12:59:50 補充: The project entails localized interventions entail雖然有"負擔"的意思 但應該可以翻成設計...

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  7. ...43 補充: from Taiwan to HK meaning 001 to me try to localize the interpretation!THZ

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  8. ...潛在高血壓病史,但兩年前才開始覺得胸部疼痛。 The dull pain was localized at epigastric with bilateral shoulder soreness which was ceased spontaneously after...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2011年07月17日

  9. 把狀況儘可能地減小,而且儘可能範圍愈侷限愈好.這些功能主義者都已瞭若指掌. be onto something: 掌握重大訊息

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  10. ...加勒比海一帶、以及中南美洲語系。 More than 2000 more specialized or localized words were also added. 而較特別或是本土化的詞彙更是超過...

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