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  1. up and down black and blue bed and breakfast day and night black and white cat- and -dog cat- and mouse high and mighty lo and behold hot and bothered hot and heavy hot and strong time and again clean and jerk you and yours

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  2. 這是一句英文諺語沒錯 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder . 翻成: 情人眼裡出西施 另外跟eye有關的還有 the apple of one's eye 掌上明珠 之意

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  3. ...someone place a piece of gold in the instrument, and then watched how it would react. Lo and behold , the machine burst out two big words: “Welcome Boss.”

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  4. 遠在熱帶海域的加勒比地區,兩個小丑魚游泳周圍海中-一個名為賈斯汀和其他所謂的Christian.The小丑魚不斷騷擾和威脅的鯊魚在該地區巡邏。 最後一天賈斯廷說,基督教, “我很無聊和失望是一個小丑魚,我希望我是一條鯊魚,那麼我不會有任何擔心被吃掉&rdquo...

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  5. ...她不會移動。 并且,當醫生最後告訴了她的女兒,我,在完善的英語講話 -- lo 和注視 -- 我們有貓掃瞄將被發現,許諾的保證會議拜訪星期一將舉行,并且道歉...

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  6. ... shepherds... And lo , the angel of the Lord... And the angel said unto them...rebuke hath broken his heart... Behold and see" (DECCA 版本為女高音...

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