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  1. ...愉快 (I live in the cloud and forest , my family has six people, live with grandmother, it is very happy to live ) 我的興趣是逛街‧睡覺‧看電視‧玩線上遊戲及...

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  2. ... children. 1) in 2) with 3) of 4)for ( ) 102. People can’t live _______ water. 1) no 2) on 3) without 4) with ( ) 103. It ’s not right to win a game ____ cheating. 1) with 2) on 3)by 4) of

    分類:教育與參考 > 考試 2010年10月21日

  3. ...out my lifesaver, 7-11. I can't help to stop thinking that it 's so great to live with 7-11.

    分類:教育與參考 > 考試 2009年04月11日

  4. ... go shopping at the mall with Evelyn very often. I like... and cousins live in Tai-Jong. I like... very much too. So, here it is.. my small but beautiful...

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  5. ... kind of popularity means the Internet is here to stay. If we are going to have to live with this new medium, then ways will have to be found to reduce its negative impact.

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  6. ... about how a boy found out he was a wizard after living with his aunt and uncle since his parents was... full of exciting adventures,I really love it !

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  7. ... is sitting and making a card. 8.Andy live with his grandparents now. 希望對你會有幫助 對了 不知道這...

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  8. ... xxx. I m 18-years-old. I live together with the brother and the parents in music,music s canning make me relax and it can let my mood become better. I also...

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  9. ... 22 years old this year and living in Taipei with my family together at the moment . Now...introduction in Chinese , I think it will be more fluent relatively. Believe...

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  10. ... living in Taiwan, what part of it is your favorite? Would you like to...major in college? How many relatives do you live with ? What do they do? (((方法三))) 寫作方面 一定...

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