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  1. ...常規交易 2. The transaction must be either for cash or in the company's main line of business . 此交易必須以現金或與公司的主要商務營運有關 3. Losses from the disposal...

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  2. 可洽詢這 lines .tw/ business /supply.asp?id=161

  3. 假說 2a: 公司將循序近地進入外國市場,從母公司中高競爭優勢的商品線到低競爭優勢的商品線,逐次遷移。 假說 2b: 公司將循序近地進入外國市場,從他們的核心業務到非核心業務,逐次遷移。 請您參考!!

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  4. @重車地平線=>廠商中心=>我要找廠商=>南部廠商高雄地區有好幾家~地址電話都有 lines .com/ business /search-co3.asp 圖片參考: lines .com/ business /new-img/store-logo.gif

  5. 1.神鷹二輪高雄市前鎮區三多三路161號(近新光三越)07-536-4588 lines .com/ business /supply.asp?id=782.鴻寶高雄市前金區瑞源路145號07-287-5845

  6. ...for export to the United States. This became the main line of business . Using the cash flow from this business , the entrepreneur is sponsoring...

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  7. @重車地平線=>廠商中心=>我要找廠商=>南部廠商高雄地區有好幾家,地址電話都有。都有再賣人身部品的。 lines .com/ business /search-co3.asp 圖片參考: lines .com/ business /new-img/store-logo.gif

  8. ...both. Firms may diversify to reduce the risk associated with a particular line of business or to even out cyclical earnings, such as might occur in a utility’s acquisition...

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  9. ...販賣機 要看上下文) 5. Identify elements common to the different lines of business in the on-site sector. 標示出不同的營業範圍在駐點服務這方面的共同點

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  10. ... NT$7,604 and NT$22,324, the store name all is pacoco. Line of business to received on the other day 台端 comes the electricity to express this...

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